This is the home of artist Tom D. Chambers

These are my projects ordered by how interesting they are. Find more details by clicking titles. Scroll down until you've had enough. Want a shortcut to something amazing? Something funny? Something ancient?


A web3 game of democracy and strategy on blockchain. Change the rules to win the game.

Experiments in Organic Design

Exploring how we can use swarms to generate buildings that grow into their environment. Project page

Public Shaming Simulator

A story told via SMS and phone call about making mistakes on the internet

The Art of Feeling

Turning brainwaves into paintings

Emotional Emergency Kit

An interactive installation that lets students blow off steam by blowing up, soaking and hoovering up their feelings

The Long Run

A marble run "data materialisation" commissioned by the BMJ to celebrate 70 years of the NHS. Won Bronze in the Information is Beautiful Awards


My medium profile - a collection of essays and short stories


A short story about a mysterious building or an "audio unfiction" as I'm calling this genre

Unfinished Jigsaws

My attempt to learn how to enjoy art with 4 art-loving guides who clue me in how they experience and appreciate art

Club Photon

A game using disposable cameras. The aim is to snap your opponent more times than they snap you.

Emotional Mirror

A mirror that reflects how you're feeling using tweets

Loops in BayeuxSpace

Using machine learning to predict the missing ending of the Bayeeux Tapestry

Dazzling Embrace

Connecting people with the natural world with light and colour

Art Hackathon

We organised an event in 2015 bringing people together to make cool stuff with tech

Man's Briefcase Falls Open

Over and over

Canary Wharf public speaking intervention

Exploring the boundaries of pseudopublic space

Giant slot machine on Regent Street

We built a giant slot machine for a Tommy Hilfiger store on Regent Street

Trieste Museum Interactive Exhibit

Stroboscopic photos

Analogue stroboscopic photography uses flashes and a long exposure to show movement. We built a brand new system to do this digitally and show hundreds of frames in one image.

How Humans Are Made

A satirical "How it's made" video. Judging by the comments, a lot of people think it's real...

Till Death Do Us Guilty

A hackathon project where we used text messages to give "actors" their lines, creating a spontaneous play

Emotional Projection

Players send a word through their phone and the sentiment on Twitter for that term is represented with blue or red balls which are projection mapped onto tall buildings


An online platform to automate Tinder, designed to get to the first date. What it actually proved is that men will continue to chat up anyone, even a deranged nonsensical chatbot.

Unheard Sounds

Publicly broadcasting sounds nobody has heard before in public places to jolt people out of their habitual thought patterns

Mount of Olympus augmented reality

An augmented reality game where people wearing AR markers have their faces replaced with 3D masks of characters whose role they have to assume. Created with William Erhard Winter

The Burger Experience

An attempt to enhance the experience of eating using overwhelming lights, noise and smoke. Warning: video starts with flashing imagery Experiment writeup

Recycling Scripts

A dating app that uses natural language processing and real Tinder chats to create an experience where you can choose a role to play. A collaboration with Yuki Uebo


We built the animation and interaction components of this augmented reality cat for design studio Umbrellium

Living Portraits

Using long video portraits to try and capture the "real" person instead of the pose

Fake Signs

I created fake council signs to explore how authority can be assumed by anyone these days with access to basic tools

Candid Portraits

Taking photos of myself at random intervals to see what I'm up to

JML platetron advert

Man on the Moon

A chest that opens itself when players win the game

Silver Ghosts - experiments in anonymity

Concealing visual idenity and obscuring voice to allow people to present themselves and look at others with anonymity

Postal Experiments

Posting a straw and an address as a crossword


A series of space and proportion themed collages

The Box of Wonder

A highly sophisticated death prediction machine

An Infinite Number of Things To Do Before You Die

A satire on 1000 things to do before you die lists, this uses AI to generated a literally infinite list of nonsensical things you MUST do before you die

Party Generator 2016

Felix's meditation

Wondering what it would be like to fall through space


My one and only ever standup performance age 20


A random assortment of images, stories, essays and music. Mostly from uni years.

Tech Blog

A handful of articles about tech stuff


Lost to the even the web archive, Spruce was my CBT based mood boosting startup app


Lost to the even the web archive, Harmony was my mood tracking app

Megaspacecannon 1000 Game

A game using websocket


A photo and video essay about the Barbican

Butterfly whistling web toy

A little game using web audio and whistling to control a butterfly on screen

Migration Map

Built for Tower Hamlets' Shuffle Festival, the migration map shows where residents of Tower Hamlets have come from around the world

Brian Haw - The Man on The Street

A short film about peace protestor Brian Haw I made when I was 16


A DRM-free music store when that was a cool idea back in 2006

Madness Temple

A forum for young people who liked jokes and photoshop


A hovercraft I built with some friends when I was 15

My second ever website when I was 14 - with flash games, amusing photoshops and stories. A later iteration.

My first website

Built when I was 12 years old