Tom D. Chambers

creative technologist

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Creative technologist

I work with Theo Papatheodorou as a creative technologist. Our studio is called random quark and you can see the work we've done together on that site. We build large scale projections with projection mapping and generative art algorithms. We also create interactive installations with a variety of technologies including openFrameworks, C++, openCV, physical computing, Kinect and more.

Full stack web developer

I also do freelance and contract web development, specialising in front end development, node.js on the backend and microservices. I’m happy to work in plenty of other languages, the more esoteric the better. You might want to take a look at my web projects or my LinkedIn profile.


As an artist I’m interested in questioning the way we do things. Our work lives, the way we interact and the structures that guide our thought. I like creating immersive experiences that compel people to consider these questions in an intuitive way.